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We produce royalty-free music tracks for you to use on your content, for free. And we’ll credit YOU as the co-artist, so you’ll also get a share of the streaming revenue.

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Content creators

What some early adopters are saying about partnering with lowave records...

Gigabeef Escape from Tarkov YouTuber

“From a creator’s perspective it is a no brainer. It doesn’t cost you anything and both you and lo-wave have a vested interest in the music doing well… It may turn into a massive source of passive income in the future!”

ImKibitz Videos on strategy, factory and simulation games

“It scales as a passive income source because the more people that follow and listen to the music on Spotify, the more money everyone makes. I've been working on YouTube and in social media for 10 years, This is one of the best opportunities I've ever seen!”

TotalXclipse Tips for successful sim strategies

“We get paid to get GIVEN the music we are going to be using... Let that sink in for a minute. We get given FREE music to use in our content and we actually get paid for it!”

Our music

Listen to our Spotify playlists from multiple genres. Partner with lowave to receive free music created specifically for your channel and branding. Or listen and stream safely for free from our library.

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Everything you need

You can read all the legal stuff in our downloadable sync licence and partner agreement documents, or ask the lowave records team any questions directly by joining our Discord.

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We’ve tried to succinctly answer a few of the questions we get asked a lot. If there’s anything more you want to know, join our Discord and shoot us a question.

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Nothing. The process is completely free. Any music we make for you is delivered completely free of charge. Partnering with lowave records is free. You do not pay, and neither do your audience. We do not even ask you to hand over any payment details because (in case you haven’t heard) our service is a free service.

We share the advertising revenue on all streams of the tracks on which you are credited as the co-artist. Sky’s the limit in terms of earnings. The more you promote your music, the more streams your tracks get, the more money you’ll earn.

That is all down to how much you choose to promote the music through your channels. We’ll make the very best music for you, but the money comes from the advertising revenue paid by Spotify and other platforms when lots of people are streaming the tracks. The more listeners you can send to Spotify, the more money you’ll make.

Almost anything, our production team comes with many years of experience in many different genres. As the music is produced specifically for you and you will be credited as co-artist, we can make music that fits your style.

The more you use your own music, the more opportunities you will have to tell people about it (and profit from it). We make your music to fit your brand so finding relevant music from your own tracks shouldn’t be a challenge - and you’ll know for definite that it’s royalty-free. However, if you don't have a piece of music of your own that fits, of course you can use music you’ve sourced elsewhere.

Completely safe. All our music is bespoke made and we own the rights and grant permission to use all of our music. The sync licence and partner agreement detail how the music may be used by the co-artist, but there are very few restrictions.

Not a problem. Our ever-expanding Spotify library of music is copyright-free. So it's totally safe to play while livestreaming. But why not partner with us, get music made specifically for you, be a credited co-artist and monetise the music playing on your stream?

The rights to the music remain with us. However, you’ll see in the sync licence and partner agreement that the co-artist is free to use the music on their content in any legal manner. We will never issue a DMCA strike for any music we have licensed ever!

We like to work closely with our content creators to help them build a large library which they in turn share with their community. The more successful your library is, the more music we’ll make for you. Hitting daily listener targets will unlock more music. As you continue to grow, we will make you more music.