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Don’t pay to play music on your videos. Sign to lowave records and get paid for promoting
original music, composed for you, in a style that reflects your brand.

Royalty-free and copyright-free music
High quality original music that costs nothing
Music to suit your style, branding and content
Add a new profit stream to your business
Pocket your share of Spotify revenue
We’ll credit you as the co-artist on all tracks
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Featured artists

A selection of content creators who’ve signed to lowave records and are already using high quality royalty-free music (produced by lowave exclusively for them) on their channels.

DanAndPhilGAMES 2.8M YouTube subscribers
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Pestily 1.4M Twitch followers
Listen on Spotify Spotify

Everything you need

You can read all the legal stuff in our downloadable sync licence and partner agreement documents, or ask the lowave records team any questions directly by joining our Discord.

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